• 1934
    Company is establishedIn 1934 Mr. J.P. van der Zwaard founds the company under his own name.
  • 1957
    Breda is a factIn 1957 the company moves into their first building on the Koninginnestraat in Breda.
  • 1960
    New building in BredaThe name of the company is changed into Zwaardfruit.
  • 1991
    Jaguar launchedSons Jan Pieter and Wilko take over the leadership of their father M.A. van der Zwaard.
  • 2003
    Zwaardfruit to BarendrechtZwaardfruit has grown into a supply chain manager from
    A to Z.
  • 2007
    Zwaardfruit becomes Jaguar The Fresh CompanyIn 2007 Zwaardfruit is acquired by Rijnhout Holding Group.
  • 2009
    Supply Chain ManagerJaguar, TFC has grown to be a supply chain manager from A to Z.
  • 2013
    Global tradingThe first global trading activities in China were carried out.
  • 2013
    IDH Environmental CovenantIn 2013 Jaguar, TFC signs the IDH Environmental Covenant.