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  • 1934-oprichting In 1934 Mr. J.P. van der Zwaard founds the company under his own name. >>> 1957-Eerste bedrijfspand in Breda In 1957 the company moves into their first building on the Koninginnestraat in Breda. . >>> 1960-De tweede generatie
    The name of the company is changed into Zwaardfruit.  >>>
    1991-de derde generatie Sons Jan Pieter and Wilko take over the leadership of their father M.A. van der Zwaard. >>> 2003-Jaguar is een feit
    Zwaardfruit has grown into a supply chain manager from 
    A to Z.  >>>
    2007-Jaguar, the fresh company In 2007 Zwaardfruit is acquired by Rijnhout Holding Group.  >>>
    1934 1957 1960 1991 2003 2007
  • 2009-Supply Chain Manager

    Jaguar, TFC has grown to be a supply chain manager from

    A to Z. >>>

    The first global trading activities in China The first global trading activities in China were carried out. >>> 2013-IDH Milieuconvenant In 2013 Jaguar, TFC signs the IDH Environmental Covenant. >>>
    2009 2013
‘We refresh your world every day, everywhere and every time.’
Sebastiaan Hogervorst, Retail
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Pascalle van Bergenhenegouwen
’Quality Manager’
Pascalle van Bergenhenegouwen, Quality
“Lead by example and inspire others, because a good example tends to be followed”
Languages: English / Dutch / German | T +31 180-750550
Jaarrond citrus ‘On the way to PlanetProof’

Het vervolg op de jarenlange samenwerking van Jaguar the fresh company en SMK voor de verduurzaming van de AGF-keten voor met name citrus.